Nine Realms Saga

If you enjoy dark fantasy in the style of The Witcher, A Song of Ice & Fire, the Black Jewels, Shannara, and the Lord of the Rings, then BLOOD OF MIDGARD by Internationally Bestselling Author Z. Xolton is for you!

Alfheim and Midgard are two of the Nine Realms, the domains of the elves, and mortals, respectively. Eternally bound by blood and fate, the veil between the realms often wavers…allowing the races of both worlds to collide.
Enter realms of dark and light elves, shifters, witches, sirens, vampyres, enchantment, royalty, alpha anti-heroes, courageous women, and destined romance!
BLOOD OF MIDGARD is a collection of short stories and novelettes featuring cross-over characters, and events, that interlink within the Nine Realms Saga universe.